Air Jordan XIX: The Real Black Mamba!

Name: Air Jordan XIX

Release: 2004

Designer: Tate Kuerbis and many others…


So again Jordan has bid farewell to the sport that he loves and dominated so well, but on a brighter note he continues to leave us more gems in the form of sneakers. Enter the Air Jordan XIX. At this point of the game it would seem that it would almost impossible to make a better sneaker for the Air Jordan line, but year after year the design team for the Jordan Brand would always come up with something magnificent.

For the Air Jordan XIX Tate Kuerbis stepped up to the plate again to create the next sneaker in the line, but he got assistance from a powerhouse design team consisting of William Smith III, Jason Mayden, Josh Heard and Suzette Henri. With the combination of all these brilliant minds they were able to create what has been called the lightest most breathable Air Jordan to date.

One of the most interesting things about this sneaker is that when they were designing it they used elements from the Black Mamba snake, yes that’s right Jordan did that first too KOBE!!!

The Air Jordan XIX used a lightweight supportive material that they called Tech Flex. The Tech Flex was located on the upper portion of the sneaker and it made the shoe incredibly flexible without losing the support and comfort that the Air Jordan sneaker was known for. For maximum comfort and cushioning this sneaker had a double stacked heel and full-length Zoom Air. This sneaker also featured a carbon fiber shank plate, lace-locks (a feature used on other Air Jordans), a Velcro heel strap, Phlyon midsole and a patent leather toe.

To add more technology to the Air Jordan XIX used materials from a company called Material ConneXion. They were able to provide Nike with a monofilament sleeving that was usually used for architectural applications to help prevent and protect PVC pipes from bursting.  The properties of this unique material allow for the braiding on the sleeve to flex easily without stretching as well as to fit snuggly around the person that is wearing the sneakers foot. This feature could have easily eliminated the use of laces, but the design team opted to include laces with this sneaker anyway.

One of the most interesting things about this sneaker is that when they were designing it they used elements from the Black Mamba snake…yes that’s right Jordan did that first too KOBE!!! The Black Mamba is a snake that is found in the southern Africa a very rare animal, it is tense and powerful. Many people often say that the colour of the snake is black, but it is stated to be a gun-metal olive. One of the most interesting features of this snake is when it opens its mouth the inside of it is JET BLACK…hence how the snake got its name. The Black Mamba was supposed to be used as part of the marketing campaign for the sneaker, but unfortunately Jordan was terrified of snakes and did not want to part take in anything that had to do with the reptile.

Special Moments:

The Air Jordan XIX was a very successful sneaker utilizing technology and materials that no one had ever seen in a sneaker.  It is stated that in 2004 Jordan started up Michael Jordan Motorsports due to the fact that he loved to ride motorcycles. Again, we were left with a league without his Airness and it showed, but in his absence Richard Hamilton, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, Mike Bibby and Michael Finely all wore his sneaker while playing in the NBA in various colorways.

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