Air Jordan XIV: The Final Shot Shoe

Air Jordan 14

Name: Air Jordan XIV
Release: 1999
Designer: Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith


So it is official this time Jordan has left the NBA on his own terms and people like myself are wondering…WHAT ABOUT THE SHOES? Don’t even try and fool yourself to think that anyone in the NBA can wear an Air Jordan sneaker like his Airness could. One of the things that people did not realize is during the 1998 NBA Finals was that not only did Michael Jordan bless us with one of the MOST memorable moments in sports history, but if you were really paying attention you got a sneak preview of the Air Jordan XIVs. If you remember the finals the way I do Byron Russell got the best look at them from the floor after Jordan shook him off!

Ferrari Maranello 550

With the design of the Air Jordan XIV Mr. Hatfield revisited Jordan’s infatuation with sports cars. This particular sneaker is said to be designed to look like Jordan’s Ferrari Maranello 550. The sleek design of this sneaker represented a more aerodynamic appearance in comparison to the previous Air Jordans. This sneaker was designed to act like an extension of the player’s foot with a differential cut, thin leather and the continued use of the Nike Air Zoom technology.

Air Jordan 14 Black

Insole, Outsole, Back Heel, Side Heel, Toe and on both tips of the Metal Laces

The side of the sneaker the Air Jordan XIV had a Ferrari type shield on it with the Jumpman logo in.  A very interesting fact about this sneaker is that there were 7 Jumpman logos located on it in the following spots: Insole, Outsole, Back Heel, Side Heel, Toe and on both tips of the Metal Laces. All these Jumpman logos were found on both sneakers which meant there was a total of 14 logos on the sneaker. One thing that should also be noted about these laces in particular was the fact that this was the first pair of Air Jordans that used the metal tips on them.

Air Jordan 14 White

To support Jordan’s foot there was an asymmetrical collar added to the sneaker. This sneaker also sported some mesh vents that used as a breathable cooling system. It almost seemed as though Tinker took the car design really serious with this particular sneaker all that was missing was air intake system and a performance exhaust on the back of it. It is stated that a lot of the athletes say that this sneaker is the most comfortable of all time…I would agree that it is incredibly comfortable…trust me on this one, I am flat footed…everything burns my foot and these sneakers never did.

Special Moments

Due to the fact that Jordan scored the game winning shot in the previous NBA Finals in these sneakers they have been labeled as the “Final Shot” Jordans…I wonder what Byron Russell calls them? (Sorry I had to slip it in…) Like most basketball fans you were left with an empty feeling knowing that his Airness was no longer in the league, but there was some satisfaction in the fact that he left on his terms…

But one HAD TO wonder…if he is not playing in the league anymore, was he going to stop making shoes AND if he didn’t WHO was great enough to wear his sneaker in the league???

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