Air Jordan XIII: The Black Cat

Air Jordan 13

Name: Air Jordan XIII
Release: 1998
Designer: Tinker Hatfield


So as a sneaker fan of the Air Jordan line you had to be thinking to yourself…CAN HE DO IT AGAIN? The answer…YES!!! After a historical season for his “Airness” Tinker Hatfield blessed Jordan’s feet with the Air Jordan XIIIs.

It is stated that Tinker designed this sneaker with the theme of a panther in mind. This was very interesting because he didn’t know that Jordan has been anointed with the nickname “Black Cat”by now one should be able to see why Tinker was the best person possible to be creating Jordan’s sneakers…it was a sneaker consumer’s paradise!

AirJ ordan 13

When one examines this sneaker there are many ways to see that it has the features of a cat. The first and most obvious one was the bottoms of the sneaker. When you look at it, you can see that it pretty much resembles the paw of a cat. The outsole of the sneaker also looked like the paw of a cat as well. At the upper portion of the sneaker there was covering that had pits on it to give off the impression of a place where the whiskers would be placed on the cheeks of a cat. Like the recent Air Jordan sneakers this one used the Zoom Air technology to give it a light, but comfortable feel as well.  At the upper outer back of the sneaker there was a small circular hologram that had the number 23 and well as the Jumpman emblem in it. This was to give off the look of a cat’s eye…one word…BRILLIANT!!!

Air Jordan Blue

The Air Jordan XIII has been stated to be one of the most padded sneakers in the Air Jordan collection. Making it arguably one of the most comfortable  as well, I can attest to this because I own a pair of the original released Air Jordan XIII and I still where them every now and then…and I can tell you that they are VERY comfortable! I am all about the comfort of a sneaker…but that is another topic…TRUST ME!

Special Moments

The year 1997 became a pivotal year for the Jordan and his brand. This was the year when Nike put the Jordan brand under its umbrella. The Air Jordan XIII was the first sneaker to be released under this new branding. This came with the Air Jordan Trainers and well as the Team Jordon sneakers as well.

MJ Special Moment

Jordan also stated that this would be his last season in the NBA as well so on his last visit to the legendary Madison Square Gardens in New York, Jordan went old school and wore the original Air Jordan sneaker and scored 42 points on the New York Knicks…if you were lucky enough to see it, it was a clinic on basketball…yikes!  In his “final” season in the NBA Jordan was voted into 12th All-Star game where he won the MVP again, won his 10th straight League Scoring Title, was named First Team All-NBA and First Team All-Defense. For icing on the cake of his career Jordan beat up on the Utah Jazz to win his 3rd consecutive NBA Championship as well as his 6th NBA Finals MVP! In true Jordan fashion he capped off his career by hitting the game winning shot after shaking off Byron Russell…sorry to call you out Russell, but we all remember you on the ground looking up at his Airness as he took that shot

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