Air Jordan XI Madness Part 2?

If you are a fan of the Air Jordan sneaker line you should know how important the date December 21, 2012 is! That’s right…it is the day that the Air Jordan XI will be re-released to the masses in the black, red and white colorway. The slated price of these bad boys is around $225…yeah it is worth that much to certain people! Oh yes…this should be something!

Now, if you can just think back to around this same time last year Nike re-released the Air Jordan XI’s in the Concord colorway and people damn near lost their minds over them. People were fighting, trampling, kicking, punching and stealing to get their own pair of these sneakers. It was so bad that it was on every news station…right up there with the crime stories…SAD! If you were one of those people you should be ashamed of yourself because NOTHING should warrant such disgusting behavior.

If you’ve read my review on this sneaker you know how much I love them and although I have the original release of this sneaker…you WILL NOT catch me sleeping outside my local Footlocker for another pair of them. As much as I love these kicks…they are just sneakers! Govern yourselves properly people. I don’t know if this colorway of the Air Jordan XI will garnish the same mob mentality, but at the same time no one saw the madness of last year happening either. What makes it even worse is you and I both know that these kicks are on the top of A LOT of people’s Christmas list!

Simple and plain…if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on these beautiful sneakers…congrats! If not…you know they will be releasing them again so just be patient. Nike knows we want them and they will continue to give us what we want, BUT always on their terms!

Be safe my fellow sneakerheads…oh and if any of you tend to stumble on a lot of these gems I take a size 10.5…LOL…just saying…

  • Snkr-Gambino

    These kicks are over-rated! Arguably the weakest colorway of the XIs.

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