Air Jordan X: The Return of His “Airness”

Name: Air Jordan X

Release: 1995

Designer: Tinker Hatfield


As hard as it was to swallow it didn’t seem as though his “Airness” was going to return and bless us with more basketball highlights…which could possibly mean that the Air Jordan brand was truly in danger regardless of its success. Taking all these factors into account Tinker Hatfield designed a sneaker to pay tribute to Jordan. It is stated that this was the first of the Air Jordan series that was not completely approved by Jordan even though he was involved with the development of the sneaker in its development stages.

Due to the fact that most people believed that Michael Jordan was not going to be coming back to play basketball again, the Air Jordan X was designed to make a type of tribute statement to him. To many the sneaker design was stated to be quite basic, but it still had the elements of the Air Jordan series. When the original version of the shoe was released it had a piece stitched on the toe portion of the sneaker that Jordan himself did not like, so it was removed before it was released to the public. It is stated that Jordan liked the toe area of his sneakers to have a very clean look…and looking back on most of the sneakers in his series the toe area of the sneakers have been pretty clean looking.

As a tribute to Michael Jordan and all his accomplishments throughout his NBA career Tinker decided to make note of all the milestones that he had on the bottom of the Air Jordan X sole. He listed the following milestones:

’86 63 POINTS

One of the things that was very interesting about the colors used on these sneakers was it was a very bland black, white and grey. It was stated that the reason for that was due to the fact that Jordan was no longer playing in the NBA the sneakers were no longer red, white and black as they were in the past. Those same dull colors also represented how many people felt about the NBA now that Michael Jordan was no longer playing with the Chicago Bulls.

Special Moments

GUESS WHO’S BACK?!?! It is said that after watching his team (the Chicago Bulls) get beat up on by the New York Knicks he knew he had to come back. So in true Jordan fashion he come back that season and after 9 days of his return he TORCHED the New York Knicks by scoring 55 points in Madison Square Garden. Now, if you were like me you felt you were in heaven…nothing like watching Mike roast the Knicks to know that he was in good form. The only thing different about his “Airness” was the fact that there was this unfamiliar number under his name on the back of his uniform…45…what was that? During that season the Bulls were eliminated from the playoffs by the Orlando Magic, but like most I didn’t care about anything other than what was that shiny stuff around Jordan’s shoes? Are those the new ones? Yes they were and Ahmad Rashad held them up in front of the cameras for the world to see…I WANT THEM!!! The Air Jordan XI…

Another key factor that happened this year was the expansion of the Jordan brand. He was now the sponsor of the University of California, Cincinnati, North Carolina A&T and his university North Carolina basketball programs.  If you were like me you were thinking one thing…THIS MEANS MORE COLORS OF JORDANS!!! WONDERFUL!!!

  • Geron Duporte

    I ball in this shoe now and it’s one of my all time favourites. Legendary Jordan X.

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