Air Jordan VIII: The Return of Hare Jordan!

Air Jordan 8

Name: Air Jordan VIII

Release: 1993

Designer: Tinker Hatfield

Riding on the success of all the previous Jordan sneaker models Tinker Hatfield released the most interesting and busy looking Air Jordan shoe to date…the VIIIs. This sneaker by far was the most vibrant of all that had been release with various highlights to it that were unseen not only in the Jordan series, but in sneakers in general.  One of the things that most people noticed right away with this sneaker is that it was a lot heavier then most models…which for the most part was one of the complaints that people had about the sneaker. It also utilized the Huarache Sock technology once again, but for this sneaker it seemed to be a bit thicker then the previous shoe. This led to some stating that the shoe could get a bit hot at times…at the same time it was one most comfortable Air Jordan sneakers to be released to date with all that cushioning around the foot.

Air Jordan 8

The sneaker had the Jumpman emblem surrounded by what seemed to be an almost “wooly” type look. Some have gone as far as to say that it looked like they tried to make the symbol look like the Peace sign. Others had made the suggestion that it was a way of them continuing with the Bugs Bunny “Hare Jordan” campaign seeing how successful it had been the previous year. Either way, it was something that garnished A LOT of discussion all over because regardless of the reasons for EVERYONE wanted them.

The most visible parts of the sneaker that would catch the eye were the cross like straps that covered the laces of the shoe. This feature added a new look as well as curiosity to where they were trying to take this sneaker.  One of the reasons it was a shock was due to fact that the Jordan line of sneakers were always ground breaking and it was rare that it looked like any other on the market…but this shoe used a key element of a Street Ball shoe called the Nike Air Raid, which is said to be designed by Tinker Hatfield as well. There were many mixed feelings about this element of the sneaker, but once everyone saw Jordan collect his 3rd NBA Championship with them on you just knew you HAD TO HAVE THEM!

Special Moments:
With his 3rd NBA Championship Michael Jordan continue to just dominate not only the NBA, but the sports world at large. He had set a standard that to even this day has not been matched by any athlete. He was so big that people like me would watch other sports events to see the commercial for the Air Jordan sneaker. During the Superbowl every year Nike would release the new Air Jordan commercial so that you could get your first glimpse of the sneaker…this is long before the internet and Personal Video Recorders (PVRs), so you had to make sure you sat down and watch the whole game just to catch that commercial to go and talk about it to your friends the next day. It may sound like it wasn’t that big of a deal…but ask that kid that missed the ad how he felt.

On the flip side of this was one of the scariest moments in both sports entertainment and sneaker world…Michael Jordan announced that he was leaving the sport of basketball. As selfish as it sounds most sneaker lovers were thinking…OH NO…WHAT ABOUT THE SHOES?

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