Air Jordan VII: Air Jordan Meets Hare Jordan…

Air Jordan VII

Name: Air Jordan VII

Release: 1992

Designer: Tinker Hatfield

In 1992 Nike released the Air Jordan VII and just like all the ones before it, it was a massive success. The design of this sneaker was very similar to the VI’s, but still took the shoe line to a whole new level.  One of the most notable things that stood about this shoe was the fact that nowhere on the outside of the shoe was there a Nike “Swoosh” or Nike Air label at all. This was a huge first for the company and it is said that they were not pleased with Tinker for designing a sneaker in that fashion. On the flip side, it is stated that Mr. Hatfield believed that the “Jumpman” logo had enough of a presence to maintain the high status of the line…and the rest is pretty much history. The only place that you would see any representation of Nike Air would be on the insole of the actual shoe.

At this time there was tons of emerging technology within the sneaker world and one of the most used was developed by Nike. It was called the Huarache sock. This technology helped make the sneaker feel as comfortable as a sock because it would suck onto your foot and make you feel like the shoe would stay on with or without the laces tied up. One of the most unique features of this sneaker was that it had influence of West African tribal art incorporated into it. Even though the Air Jordan VII was not as flashy as the others in the series it was a very solid shoe that addressed many of the concerns of the previous sneakers.

One of the most notable aspects of this sneaker was the fact that it was the first in the “Hare Jordan” marketing campaign.  Jordan being one of the biggest superstars on the planet was one thing, but Nike took it up a notch by using the world renowned cartoon character to feature in the commercials to promote this sneaker. This marketing strategy took the sneaker to whole new plateau of popularity.

Special Moments:
Where to begin…? Jordan continued his dominance in the NBA by collecting his second championship in true Jordan fashion. In Game 1 of the series against the Portland Trail Blazers he sunk a record tying 6 three point shots. He also became part of what can be argued as the most dominant basketball teams ever assembled for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain…THE DREAM TEAM!!! Jordan and his fellow American NBA super stars took their skills overseas to perform on the world stage and blew the competition out the water. One of the great things about this monumental event was you guessed it…a special edition Olympic version of the Air Jordan VII sneaker with colors to match the team uniform. What a beautiful sneaker it was! It was at this point Jordan himself found out how huge of a figure he was in the world when he was walking on the streets and passing an enormous advertisement of himself plastered on the side of a building…even though it was huge, even the massive ad still didn’t justify what the Jordan brand had become around the world!

To make things even more spectacular, Michael Jackson had released a song called “Jam” off his multi-platinum album “Dangerous”. In the music video he featured his “Airness” in it and it was a treat for everyone around the world because they were 2 iconic figures featured in one spot. It showcased the fact that as graceful as Jordan was on the hardwood, he was far from it on the dance floor and vice versa for Jackson with a basketball. This served as endless promotion for both Jordan and his brand! “Now you had a theme song that you could lace up your Air Jordan VIIs and warm up to…”JAM”…”DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DIDN’T DO IT!”

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