Air Jordan VI: A Sneaker Fit For A Champion


Name: Air Jordan VI

Release: 1991

Designer: Tinker Hatfield

Like all the sneakers in the line the Air Jordan VI was designed to reflect Michael Jordan’s lifestyle and personality. It is stated that the loop or pull tab at the back of the shoe is supposed to resemble the spoiler on Jordan’s slant nose Porsche. On the tongue of the shoe there were two re-enforced holes making it much easier for one to put the shoe on. It has said that these very features on the sneaker were requested by Jordan himself.  These features not only made the sneaker very easy to put on, but it made them easy to carry around…though it may seem that this is a small thing, you would be incredibly surprised how many individuals would be carrying these shoes around with this loop.

This sneaker also featured an air bubble in the heel of the sole as well as a clever blend of solid colors and transparent gum plastic. The release of this shoe showed that Hatfield had listened to even the most minor complaints because though this shoe did feature the ever so hard to clean transparent gum on it…it was much more durable than the one featured on the Jordan V. Another part of the sneaker that showcased the brilliance of Hatfield’s work was on the tongue. Just beneath the loops there was a little latch that opened up so that you could secure your laces beneath it after they had been tied up. This was a great feature because the only way that your laces would become undone is if you undid them yourself. Not only were these shoes incredibly attractive to a shoe lovers eyes, but they were an actual functional as a basketball shoe. Now many of you would think that that is a no brainer, but if you have owned at least 10 basketball shoes you know that the prettier they are, the more useless they are to play basketball in.


The only complaint that people that wore the shoe stated about this Jordan was the fact that loop on the shoe targeted the Achilles tendon and could cause injury. This was addressed in later releases of the sneaker, but it was a far minor complaint to take away from the luster of the Air Jordan VI.

Special Moment:


The Air Jordan VI had many spectacular moments, but most of them happened in the playoffs for Jordan. One of those most memorable moments was during round 2 of the playoffs when Jordan completely POSTERIZED (yes…I know this is not a real word!) the New York Knicks All-Star center Patrick Ewing…if Ewing wasn’t getting any love in the poster world he sure did from that day on…maybe not the kind he liked though! The most memorable moment came in the NBA Championships that year against the Los Angeles Lakers where Jordan jumped through the key and switched the ball from hand to hand in the air while splitting the defense for an UNBELIEVABLE layup. Like most people that saw this feat you were left saying “Did he just…? In the air…? Is that even possible…?” Yes it was a mind blowing moment for us all…and oh yes it was them pretty shoes that were on his feet during all of it! To cap all that off Michael Jordan showed his dominance by taking home the illustrious NBA Championship home to Chicago for the first time in his career now making his sneaker a collector’s item…

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