Air Jordan V: Continuing To Push The Limits

Air Jordan V

Name: Air Jordan V

Release: 1990

Designer: Tinker Hatfield

In February of 1990 the Air Jordan V hit the courts on mighty Michael Jordan’s feet.  This sneaker was flashy and as stunning as all the sneakers in the past, but at the same time it had much more character then some of the shoes that were released after it. It has said that this was sneaker that showcased the brilliance and innovation of  Tinker Hatfield’s design.

To start off this sneaker sported a big tongue that had an embroidered Jumpman emblem in it, but what made it so special was the fact that it was covered in a silver reflective material. What made this feature so brilliant is that it would light up and sparkle when camera flashes would hit it. Who better than his “Airness” to wear such a shoe seeing there was no shortage of pictures being taken of his spectacular feats on the NBA courts that season?  It is said that the inspiration for this sneaker came from a World War II Mustang fighter plane.

This sneaker came something that was unseen and helped set it apart from any other shoe, which was its lace lock feature…this feature was so popular that people tried to replicate it in various ways, but none got it the way the V’s did. This feature helped the shoe stay snug as well as got rid of the worry of your shoes getting loose of coming off when the laces came undone. The sole of the shoe was made of a clear rubber that stuck out just as much as the reflective tongue…to be noted this same feature was one of the only complaints about this sneaker because the sole often would get dirty or stain depending on what you did with it.  On the mid-sole of the sneaker there was a design of some shark like teeth which really helped the shoe emulate the Mustang fighter plane.

Air Jordan V

Due to all the innovative ideas that were encompassed in this sneaker it has been labeled as the Air Jordan that has been in the highest demand. There was so much going with this shoe that everyone had their own favorite part to it…apart from the fact that the greatest athlete on the planet was wearing them!

Special Moment:
It was in these very sneakers that Michael Jordan scored his career high 69 points as well as got his forth NBA Scoring Title…now if you didn’t want to “Be Like Mike” by now you just didn’t watch basketball at all! It is said that that Tinker Hatfield designed this shoe to reflect the way in which Jordan would attack in the air when he played basketball…after a season like the one he had in 89-90 there would be NO arguments with that theory at all!

  • I.B. Da Force Masta

    Aw man, I loved those shoes! They were not my favorite design but they had that coolness factor, but they were the most comfortable J’s ever! I got a job at Burger King as a minor (I was 13) at the time just to buy those shoes!

  • futureNBAexec

    Best Jordan’s out of the series in my opinion!!… I saved up for a whole summer when they came out and actually bought the blue/purple version in the UK before they got released in N.America… Looking at these now, I would totally buy them again right now

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