Air Jordan IV: Yeah, It’s The Shoes!!!

Air Jordan IV

Name: Air Jordan IV

Release: 1989

Designer: Tinker Hatfield

After the mind blowing success of the Air Jordan III sneaker one could only wonder what Mr. Hatfield come up with next. The answer to that was the…Air Jordan IV. Due to the massive following that this sneaker had created the demand for the Air Jordan shoe was like no other on the market. With the brilliant advertisement campaigns and Jordan’s performance on the court everyone had to have a pair of “His Airness’” shoes.

Following in the footsteps of the Air Jordan III, the IV’s were very innovative and brought a whole new light to the shoe design world.  One of the first things that most people should note is on the tongue of the shoe it had the Jumpman symbol as well as the word “Flight” written beneath it.  As many people will remember, “Flight” began a whole other series of shoes that began to put up on the feet of various players in the NBA as well as your local Foot Locker and Champs.

On the sides of the shoe there was mesh put on it to lessen the weight of the shoe as well as to make it breathable for better comfort. This feature also made the shoe much lighter than most sneakers on the market at the time which was a huge break through at the time. The shoe sported some stabilizing straps at the top of the shoes for extra comfort as well, which helped to give the shoe a tight and comfortable fit.

A very interesting fact about this sneaker was that the Jordan shoe was a huge success worldwide, but this was the first of the Air Jordan series that Nike decided to market worldwide. With all the success of the previous 3 sneakers it was a no brainer for the company and they were handsomely rewarded with millions of dollars in sales worldwide.

Special Moment:

Do The Right Thing

The Air Jordan shoe was no stranger to the urban community, but in Spike Lee’s critically acclaimed film “Do the Right Thing” the whole world got to peak in the window of how much the people in the inner city viewed the shoe.  In the movie there is a scene where a character named “Buggin Out” has his Air Jordan IVs run over and scuffed by a cyclist walking his bike home while passing him and his crew.  This leads to a very intense verbal altercation between “Buggin Out”, about 8 of his friends and the lone cyclist. People would think that it was overkill at how upset he was, but when you spent over $150 of your money on shoes that are new and someone scuffed them…it was WAR!!! This leads to another key scene where “Buggin Out” takes out a toothbrush and begins to clean his prized shoes by a fire hydrant. Even though the Air Jordan brand was just dominating the market Lee’s film helped to show the passion some individuals had for the shoe and what represented in the urban culture.

  • Jdcall23

    the mikes are fresh.

  • I.B. Da Force Masta

    I remember the older guys on the block wering them with the big Nike tag on them. Those were very nice I just never got them. So fresh!

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