AIR JORDAN 2010: Take A Look Through the Air Jordan Window


Name: Air Jordan 2010

Release: 2010

Designer: Tinker Hatfield and Mark Smith


With all the accolades that the Air Jordan sneaker had accomplished over the many years of production the Air Jordan 2010 represented another milestone in the world of athletic footwear. The Air Jordan had now reached its 25th sneaker in the lineup. As with anything else in the Air Jordan series, when they reached a milestone of any kind they would call on the gentlemen that made the sneaker brand as powerful as it was…Mr. Tinker Hatfield. One would think utilizing the skills of Mr. Hatfield would be more then enough to create this sneaker, but the Air Jordan team took it one step further and called in Mark Smith to craft this sneaker as well. All the that was left to see is what kind of masterpiece would these two brilliant minds come up with for the monumental Air Jordan 2010.


It has never been a secret with the Air Jordan sneaker series that Michael Jordan always liked his sneakers to have a clean toe on them. The reason being is so the sneakers could be worn casually with jeans as well as for the basketball courts. The Air Jordan 2010 is equipped with an unobstructed forefoot cover, which added a more anatomical fit so that you could react faster and have more flexibility in the sneaker.

This “window” was added to the sneaker to basically symbolize the way in which Jordan was able to see through his opponents while still being able to keep his game concealed from them.

Like almost every Air Jordan in the series of the sneaker line the Air Jordan had a VERY distinctive look to it. For the Air Jordan 2010, Mr. Hatfield and Mr. Smith engineered a TPU window on either side of the sneaker. Before I even go on to explain the reasoning behind this concept of the sneaker I will be the FIRST to admit that I had no clue as to why they put what I would call a “hole” in the middle of the sneaker. It didn’t make sense and anyone that I would ask about it could not give me an explanation that would satisfy my curiosity. FINALLY AN EXPLANATION!!! This “window” was added to the sneaker to basically symbolize the way in which Jordan was able to see through his opponents while still being able to keep his game concealed from them.

To adhere to the modern fast pace of the NBA this sneaker was designed with the player’s speed in mind. This sneaker featured the first ever independent forefoot for a supportive and natural movement. The sneaker utilized the Zoom Air technology for a more responsive performance and to disperse shock. The Air Jordan 2010 was designed to make it feel as though you were lower to the ground. It was achieved by cutting the airbag of the sneaker in half. It is stated that this aspect of the sneaker was taken from other types of running shoes and had never been seen on a basketball sneaker until this time.


One of the most notable features that was implemented into the Air Jordan 2010 was the fact that it had a asymmetrical collar on it. This sneaker was higher on the outside and lower in the inside of it for better ankle support. This ankle support allowed for the person wearing it to have a more natural and comfortable fit. This feature was a great addition considering that it was a very lightweight sneaker and was designed to feel like it was broken in on the first wear. As well, the sneaker’s outriggers were placed at the forefoot to provide some extra support with lateral instability to help reduce the risk of ankle injury.

Like the previous sneakers in the Air Jordan family, the Air Jordan 2010 is another Considered product that does not use harmful toxins. It used environmentally friendly materials as well as less stitching, less waste, fewer types of glue and less energy.

Special Moments:

Although Dwayne Wade was already known to be a part of the Team Jordan, it was for the release of the Air Jordan 2010 he became the new face of the brand. The sneaker was released with both Michael Jordan and Dwayne Wade revealing it to the world in November 2009. It almost came across as Jordan passing along the torch to Wade for the sneaker brand’s silver anniversary.


  • Dre_4k

    At first glance I wasn’t sure if I liked what I saw, but the design and colour scheme grew on me….good job boys…good job.

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