Air Jordan 2009: The Legacy Continues

Name: Air Jordan 2009

Release: 2009

Designer: Jason Mayden


It has been a year since the release of the Air Jordan XXIII and the sneaker community is wondering if this is the end of the glorious Air Jordan line. A quick answer…NO! Thankfully the Air Jordan legacy was going to continue on, but instead of following the Roman numeral format they had now opted to use the actual year of release in the name of the sneaker. So, the next sneaker in the line was named Air Jordan 2009.

To many it felt as though the Jordan brand was starting a new line of sneakers when they started using the year of release in the name, but all in all it was just good to know that the sneaker line would continue on. The person chosen to take lead for the design of the Air Jordan 2009 was Jason Mayden who was a Senior Footwear Designer with the Jordan brand.


For the Air Jordon 2009 Mayden continued along the same path as the Air Jordan XXIII in using the Nike Consideration construction system. This system was used to try and develop sneakers that were environmentally sound and maintain the high level of performance that the Air Jordan sneaker line was known for.

Michael Jordan was well known throughout the NBA of being a master of defense with his ability to control his opponents through spacing and contact.

Inspiration for this sneaker was drawn from the technical sport of fencing. The way this was demonstrated on the sneaker was by the way Mayden incorporated pleated silk-upper, metallic mesh breathable ports and a sword slash traction pattern.  The reason why Mayden used this sport is because it is one where strategy, skill and athleticism are critical for being successful. Michael Jordan was well known throughout the NBA of being a master of defense with his ability to control his opponents through spacing and contact.  It is stated that the design of this sneaker was influenced by the Air Jordan I and the use of panache leather as well as the style from the Air Jordan XI.

Like most other sneakers in the Air Jordan line the Air Jordan 2009 introduced some new technology to the sneaker world. For this sneaker Mayden utilized Articulated Propulsion Technology (APT). Most people would be able to recognize Articulated Propulsion Technology from its use on prosthetic legs for many Paralympics athletes. The way this technology worked was it helped to return the player’s energy and increased ground contact for very fast lateral movement. It is said that one of the inspirations for this sneaker was a member of the Team Jordan squad named April Holmes who was a track and field athlete.

The Air Jordan 2009 is equipped with and ankle support that had a diamond shaped hologram embedded in it. This portion of the sneaker was constructed of premium leather and made the shoe look really attractive off the courts and well as made shoe effective and functional on the basketball court. The outsole of the sneaker had multi-directional patterns that helped to give the person wearing it more grip. On the upper of the sneaker there was stitching that was done in two rows and three rows below to represent Michael Jordan’s jersey number…23.

The outsole of the Air Jordan 2009 used a Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU) chassis. It was stated that the TPU was inspired by blown glass and it was to make sure that each pair of Air Jordan 2009s would be unique. The Air Jordan 2009 was equipped with a Phylon midsole that was to help with impact absorption and on the forefront of the sneaker it had the Zoom Air technology for comfort and cushioning.

Special Moments:

Well first things first…one of the most special things about the Air Jordan 2009 was the fact that the Jordan brand was continuing to make sneakers. Though it felt awkward calling the sneaker the “Air Jordan 2009”, once people understood that they stopped the using roman numerals after they reach 23 (his jersey number) it made perfect sense.

It was at this time that the Miami Heat superstar guard, Dwayne Wade, signed officially with the Jordan brand. Wade came with many accolades such as 2006 NBA Champion as well 2006 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player, 2008 Beijing Olympics Gold Medalist and 2009 Scoring Champion. This was when he became the face of the Jordan brand alongside other big names like Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony and Ray Allen just to name a few.

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