Adidas Boosting on the Competition…

It has been no secret that in the sneaker world that when it comes to dominance Nike has had a stranglehold on the market. So much so that even their sub brands like the Jordan Brand and LeBron James’ line have become more dominant than brands outside of Nike. People can say what they want, but this is the truth which for the most part makes for lackluster market for true sneakerheads. We were all waiting for someone to take on the giant (Nike), someone to make us look in another direction and blow the sneaker market open again!

The question was who was going to do it? Which company would dare step to the current champion? Enter Adidas. Now, let me be very honest with you all here I didn’t see this coming and even when they made their push I didn’t think that they even stood a chance, but right now Adidas has become its own monster on the market. The question most people are asking is how did it happen?

Well to answer this question Sole Theory took a detailed look at what Adidas has done to put themselves at the forefront of the sneaker game again and how they did it. We will be looking at what they put out in the market as well as who they have worked with to help them get to the position that they at now.


Adidas is more than just shell toes…

Stay tuned…

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