With the amount of sneakers being released daily on the market we tend to forget some of the gems that got released at a time where they could not be appreciated. I often come across sneakers like this just simply cleaning my shoes and think to myself “these kicks would sell like crazy if they were released right now!” Well looks like Nike is going to dropping some classics on us very soon…


Check out the Nike Air Max 94 in the Obsidian colourway! What a thing of beauty! I don’t know what it is about a sneaker that is produced in a solid colourway, but it gets my attention all the time. When you look at this sneaker as an Air Max connoisseur you will see many things on it that look familiar to you.


The first thing that should come to your attention is the sole of this sneaker…it is pretty taken from the Air Max model that came out the year before…the Nike Air Max 93. To me this was a good thing because it is one of the cleanest and biggest Visible Air Units that Nike made before going towards making the whole sole of the sneaker a unit in itself.


There have been many rumors online about the Nike Air Max 94 being released in multiple new fresh colourways in the near future, but there have not been any pics to verify it. If it true, I know that I will be grabbing quite a few pairs of them because from what I remember these joints were REALLY comfortable before they starting going crazy with all the technology that kind of took away from the comfort factor of various sneakers.


Looking forward to more retro releases like these in the near future!

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