Happy Birthday Michael “Air” Jordan!

Today is the 50th birthday of the GREAT Michael “Air” Jordan! Whether it was for his jaw dropping athletic abilities on the basketball court, savvy business mind or for our purposes at Sole Theory…the most DOMINANT sneaker line EVER…you must respect him! He is respected by athletes, actors, musicians, business people and the list can go on and on. No one in his or her wildest dreams would have thought that the Nike Air Jordan sneaker line would be at the paramount status that it is now.

I can remember when they were first released and I would be trying to think of ways to convince my parents that it was the sneaker that I HAD TO have. You would wait a whole year to see what Nike would be coming out with to represent his “Airness” and they would never let you down. 28 years and hundreds of variations of sneakers from the Air Jordan line later we are still trying to get our hands on the latest release from the line. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for that retro sneaker that you missed out on when you were younger or you are one of those diehard Air Jordan collectors that has to every Air Jordan ever made…everyone has their own reasons.

When it comes to the impact that Michael Jordan has had on the sneaker world and sneaker culture there is NO arguments to be had at all. Not only did he change the way sneakers are marketed, he changed the way sports marketing is done PERIOD! I will be the first to admit that I don’t love every sneaker that comes out of the Air Jordan camp…but just mere fact that it is an Air Jordan sneaker always makes me look past things that I would normally dismiss other sneakers for…and that takes a lot for me to do!

2 years ago on this date Sole Theory went live on the World Wide Web for a reason…we wanted to do it on a date that most sneakerheads would relate to! No better date than Michael “Air” Jordan’s birthday. So not only do we at Sole Theory celebrate our second anniversary today, but we also celebrate the birthday of the man that had a big hand in making sneaker culture what it is today!



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