Sole Exchange – The Ultimate Sneaker Show


One of the great things about being a part of Sole Theory is being able to attend the great sneaker events that are held in Toronto as well as getting exclusive access to them. Early this summer an event by the name of Sole Exchange was brought to my attention and I had never heard about it, but within days I saw the buzz showing up on my Instagram timeline.



I don’t think I’m too far off from saying that it doesn’t matter what brand or style of shoes you are into…there is just something about an ALL WHITE pair of shoes that just makes you feel so clean and fresh. Well, even though summer is coming to a close there’s nothing wrong with rocking some fresh white kicks when the time is right!

Get the Royal Treatment at the Shoe Palace


Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of finally getting a chance to see Las Vegas, Nevada aka Sin City. It was K Laced birthday and he decided that he wanted to ring in another great year there‚Ķand who am I to argue? As any sneakerhead from Canada knows when you are going to the […]



Due to the fact that there are so many sneakers on the market we tend to forget some of the sneaker heat that was released in the past. Like most sneakerheads out there I’m guilty of sometimes forgetting some of the classics because of the amount of great releases that we have been getting now. This is one of the reasons why I’m so grateful for the retro market because it gives me the chance to have a second chance on sneakers that I slept on.

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