The Adidas Motumbos are back…and who cares!


Back in the 90’s when the young people that ran the urban scene took an Afrocentric approach to fashion; you could not go too far without something that had a hint of African culture on it. That being said almost every major brand whether it was clothing or shoes made sure to implement this formula into their products to make sure…

Big Tigger’s Sneaker Stripes


The relationship between Hip Hop and sneakers is unparalleled. When this dynamic duo was born in the 80’s between Adidas and Run DMC, the relationship took flight into a huge marketing/money making machine […]

Retro Sneaker Ad Find of the Week: Carolina Jordan IX

Air Jordan NC ad

I dare someone to tell me that this wasn’t one of the craziest colorways of Jordans EVER! Pairing it with black laces was probably the best combo since Hulk Hogan and Macho Man formed The Mega Powers […]

Welcome Back the Nike Air Huarache Trainer 94


If you’re like me there are probably tons of sneakers that you feel you missed out on when they were originally released. Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now I am a HUGE fan of the Nike Air Huarache series […]

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