TOP 5: Sneaker DJS


When most people think about DJs and what influence they have it is a normal thought that they would only influence our various musically tastes. Well that can’t be farther from the truth because they can influence so much more.  Ever since the DJ has been seen in the commercial eye they have done a […]

Top 30 Sneaker Quotes in Hip Hop


It goes without saying that if you are a sneaker collector that the influences of hip hop culture is not too far behind. In fact the case could be made that sneakers don’t achieve “stickiness” status until a rap artist mentions a certain sneaker in his/her song. It all started on a summer day in 1986, […]

Sneakers at Work


Between Monday to Friday many of us are stuck at a place from 9-5 wearing uncomfortable and not so fashionable footwear. Sound familiar? If so, you are one of many people that can’t wait for the day/week to be over so you can ditch the hard bottoms and rock a pair of kicks. Now obviously […]

Sneaker Talk with: Raekwon The Chef


Very few artists in the Hip Hop game can leave a lasting impression throughout their career. Back in 1994 after the huge success of the Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers. Raekwon blessed Hip Hop enthusiasts with the classic Only Built 4 Cuban Links which instantly marked his spot as a legend in the rap game. Beyond […]

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