Anchor Your Sneaker Game With The Adidas Boat Shoe

Adidas ZX 700 Boat Shoe

This post is dedicated to those that want to establish some sneaker clout. These shoes will not only bump your ranking up a few spots but will also have at least one or 2 haters breaking their silence to ask you “Where did you get those?” The Adidas ZX 700 Boat Shoe has seen a number of variations over its history […]

Do You Know Your Sneaker Rights?

Sneaker Rights

So you and your friend have the same taste when it comes to footwear. You both go to the store and want to buy the exact same shoe. Sound familiar? The rules of the game are simply this: Purchasing the same shoe is permitted but wearing it at the same time is prohibited. Unless you’re part of a sports team or you’re a twin between the ages of 0 to 5 years old – in those cases you get exempted […]

Air Jordan VII: Air Jordan Meets Hare Jordan…


In 1992 Nike released the Air Jordan VII and just like all the ones before it, it was a massive success. The design of this sneaker was very similar to the VI’s, but still took the shoe line to a whole new level. One of the most notable things that stood about this shoe was the fact that nowhere on the outside of the shoe was there a Nike “Swoosh” […]

Air Jordan VI: A Sneaker Fit For A Champion


Like all the sneakers in the line the Air Jordan VI was designed to reflect Michael Jordan’s lifestyle and personality. It is stated that the loop or pull tab at the back of the shoe is supposed to resemble the spoiler on Jordan’s slant nose Porsche. On the tongue of the shoe there were two re-enforced holes making it much easier for one to put the shoe on. It has said that these very features on the sneaker were requested by Jordan himself […]

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