Air Jordan X: The Return of His “Airness”


As hard as it was to swallow it didn’t seem as though his “Airness” was going to return and bless us with more basketball highlights…which could possibly mean that the Air Jordan brand was truly in danger regardless of its success. Taking all these factors into account Tinker Hatfield designed a sneaker to pay tribute to Jordan […]

Do You Sneaker Stare?

Adidas Roundhouse Mid

We all do it, unfortunately some more than others. Some might admit to it while others are in denial. It’s the ever so common glance or stare at someones shoes. There’s a huge difference between a glance and a stare. If your glance is longer than 1.5 seconds then it can be classified as a stare, and if you’re from Toronto that stare can easily be matched by a “screw-face” […]

Air Jordan IX: RETIRING? Say It Ain’t So!!!


On October 6, 1993 the sports world was hit by shock-waves as one of most popular sports stars in the world told the world that he was no longer going to lace up his custom made shoes and call it quits. Michael Jordan had won his 3rd NBA Championship, but at the same time had lost one of the most important people in his life. During the summer of 1993, Jordan’s father was found murdered in his car. He was his son’s number one fan and people wondered what Michael’s next move would be […]

Air Jordan VIII: The Return of Hare Jordan!


Riding on the success of all the previous Jordan sneaker models Tinker Hatfield released the most interesting and busy looking Air Jordan shoe to date…the VIIIs. This sneaker by far was the most vibrant of all that had been release with various highlights to it that were unseen not only in the Jordan series, but in sneakers in general. One of the things that most people noticed right away with this sneaker is that it was a lot heavier then most models[…]

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