Is New York The Mecca for Sneakers?

Flight Club NYC

New York has sat firmly on the top of the list of big market cities from the beginning of time. Taking center stage for fashion, sports and business. But, does it hold the title as the Mecca for Sneakers? Starting with the bare basics, what other city comes to mind when you think of style, music and history […]

Air Jordan XV: So Long to Tinker Hatfield


With Michael Jordan officially retired, Mr Tinker Hatfield was left with the task of designing a sneaker that represented Jordan without actually having him ever play a game in them. A task that I am sure no one envied him for…in the end the Air Jordan XV was born […]

Air Jordan XIV: The Final Shot Shoe

Air Jordan 14

So it is official this time Jordan has left the NBA on his own terms and people like myself are wondering…WHAT ABOUT THE SHOES? Don’t even try and fool yourself to think that anyone in the NBA can wear an Air Jordan sneaker like his Airness could. One of the things that people did not realize during the 1998 NBA Finals was that not only did Michael Jordan bless us with one of the MOST memorable moments in sports history […]

Air Jordan XIII: The Black Cat

Air Jordan 13

So as a sneaker fan of the Air Jordan line you had to be thinking to yourself…CAN HE DO IT AGAIN? The answer YES!!! After a historical season for his “Airness” Tinker Hatfield blessed Jordan’s feet with the Air Jordan XIIIs […]

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